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I need Things To Live but I have no money to live if you have anything extra and feel generous heres my wishlists!:

(things I need to live, clothes, pads, paper towels, plates)
(things I need to continue doing commissions and art)

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I need help to move out and get my animals to the vet! cw for abuse/eating disorder Show more

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Ace/Bellamy/any kin name
They/Them (he/him is fine if were close) 18yrs
don't follow if your a terrible person or I'll find out and rip you knees off
my favorite pokemon is oddish

i cant believe our little stardew game of 3 entire people became a berries meme

@4kidssanji *looks at your dust pile on the floor* *turns into rat and flees*

is this because jack bought like 500 parsnips on our stardew save or

im making my acnl mayor be inaho misora..... she is my daughter and i treasure her ... best girl

So basically what I've gathered from today is:

We're going to overthrow the government by having Baba eat them all by leaving a trail of parsnips to every rich person

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