Trans women are women
Trans men and men
Undertale monster goats are goats

Most of my skill is used on my big appetite for chicken, noodles and rice

Sumo Tigress??

Guess I'd be fitting as Tigress

The only problem is that I'm not as cool or good at Kung Fu

So is Ice Wolf androgynous or

They look androgynous

Protect this enby wolf

The craziest things happen when I return to berries

So is wanting to be an emo waitress/maid in a pretty dress

Being self-aware of my excessive phone usage is kin validation

This marks the beginning of a /gen/eration

Can I just like

Not responsibility?

Just wanna be a lazy cat.

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I'm having so many ideas for alternate dimensions of video games franchises rn, think in the same vein as what Deltarune is to Undertale

Super Mario, but he's a casually dressed handy man named Mori; his world is turned upside down and he gets through it with his sheer agility

Metroid, but it's all in a medieval setting

Star Fox, but the crew are a jungle tribe who pray to the stars and their deity that they dub the "Star Fox"

Sonic, but it's based on the Sonic Bible

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you're reading that right - trash levels are at 100%

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

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Bis in straight passing relationships? VALID.
Straight trans people? HECKIN VALID.
Cishet Ace friends? ALSO VALID.
Pansexual enbies who are currently only dating one gender? #VALIDAF
He/him lesbians? V A L I D
Neoppronouns? So frickin VALID.
Furries/kinnies that are also queer? Oh you know that's Valid!
Respect people who have to deal with oppression that is different than yours. Or else.

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