given my very close history with homed stuck....if i have no idea of the bot myself wouldnt be able to get her out so you have a normal vent blog now dkjfsdkf oof !

Cortana is Siri and Alexa’s overly-religious aunt who brags about drinking wine on Facebook and says “snowflake” unironically.

honestly the reason i never shut up is 100% that i want attention but i've also like. trained myself to not expect attention as a result of me never shutting up so like. i just Do This and if i get attention that's cool and if i don't like. that's also cool and either way i will continue to never shut up!

there is no media on earth that will ever reach the comedic level of icarly

i just wanna be in a second if u wanna try tomorrow :3 no alcohol, just memes! (ill make posts About how we should either use some weird account mover thing (maybe?????) i have some respects to pay to some people who arent very punk rock in a bit! dont mind him :3

mastodon is actually the perfect social media for never shutting up

i used to hate valentines day and then i realized that juvenile shit is for bitter cishet dudes. i love Love, i love my friends, i love shan, and i love cute things. fuck y

@JuniperDragon sometimes i forget ur a furry and when i see the furry art i just kinda go h?
an then im like oh yeah

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