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ive created the Cousins.Space page on the Wikia, to archive this wonderful night. I tried to add in as many details as I remembered, if there's anything missing, feel free to tell me or to edit the page yourself!

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Beep Beep!

This is @NessEarthbound 's personal account! No rp shenanigans here!
I'll use this to do the usual, before NessEarthbound became a shitpost place!

I'll be refollowing non-RP accounts I followed on NessEarthbound!

Anyways, I love Mr. Game And Watch =)

*kicks door open*
Hello neurodivergent community

Fuck the Tetris Z pieces the reverse Z are more useful.

Imna tetris 99 streamer now pleas give me tetris clout

Ive been doing KO’s on Tetris 99 tonight im on fire i just might become an esporter at tetris 99

Hey gang whyre we beaning each other on this fine day

Yes i have an old game boy, no it wasnt better, but i had a good summer of 2016 with it

I love @GameAndWatch ’s icon!! So chic.. the colors make my eyes happy.

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