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I've just arrived off my train from the war zone-- I mean the and am ready to go to my foster home and have many subsequent adventures that my parents will never hear about.
I'll be unpacking my things once I'm settled in.

Hey, I'm gunna stream in about 20 minutes, come watch and help me pick a game to play!

Hey I'm starting my first ever stream!

BLEASE check out my Twitch stream
so you can be there for my first ever stream (either in about 12 hours or sometime this week around that time)

I spent 3 hours making this ridiculously cute crow for when I get a new follower/ subscriber and I'm super proud of it.

Actually starting to set up OBS so I can STREAM
I'm really excited! I hope y'all will check me out when the time comes that I'm finally ready. Same handle on twitch!

tfw u watch a baking show and suddenly nothing matters to you except your will to sometime, hopefully in the near future, make your own baklava by hand..

I've been sitting here listening to the chinese new year music on the load screen for league of legends for about 20 minutes now i think. I love Asiatic music, and also chinese new year. Just wish I knew when it was..

Retoot/reply if u want to join the gay discord server i run

I need you to know that sometimes I smash that mf like button so hard that my mouse makes the "click" sound like a granny's apple computer and my mouse actually squeaks

Also, since it is currently -23F (that's -31 to you non mericans) if I forget a load in the dryer, I think via the exhaust vent, it dips below freezing inside the dryer, because when I went to take all of my undies out earlier, they hurt my hands and they were dry. Like putting my hands in a snowbank.

I.. started the KonMarie method too late at night. My clothes are piling up on my bed but i'm still finishing my laundry. i've got like a whole other tiny load to do plus the stuff currently washing and drying.

The woman might be TOO much of an inspiration.

where do i sign up to have my art BALIDATED

way past time to sleep, RSD is settin in, time to run away

I think this site has messaging, so if u wanna be fun cool mutual buds u should send me some message. like, ur day, ur pets, ur least favorite thing about capitalism, how much bong water u drink, or like maybe even what your name is and something about yourself

I am sTILL awake, but I finished the flat color of my merman. I'd post him, but he got a whopping 0 notifications earlier. Guess I'm the only one who thinks he's cute 🤷

I want to go to bed, bc i'm an hour past my self inflicted curfew, but i need to take some melatoooonin bc my adhd brain doesn't understand what NIGHTTIME IS, and then i gotta snACK

I wish I had more interactions with @gen so i could truly appreciate

if you follow me i'll be like twice as likely to interract with your posts, but i already have a high likelihood of doing that, so like.. more attention?

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