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I've taken 18+ out of my bio because I never toot anything like that anyway

i cant wait for animal crossing switch..............

Does anyone know anything cool and sciency I could show an 8 year old? I'm thinking of going to my mother's soon and my sister always asks if I've learned anything, so...

There's someone here with an American flag shirt, I don't know how to feel about that

What has 3 heads, is evil, and is full of bad ideas? Show more

I'm the uncle of berries that disappears for a month or two and when I come back I'm wanted in 7 states, teaching the young ones how to make rockets and brought snacks

What if we put an alien soldier's head on top of Sailor Moon's Body! Show more

I don't have online parents, which is great, because if I did I'd be grounded constantly

Some guy I used to know used to do this thing where he'd see you walk into the room and start singing "look who's back, back again, Ivy's* back, tell a friend," and then he'd just stop singing, turn to look at you and say "Ivy*, you're back!" And I feel like I'm blessed to have known him.

*Replace Ivy with whatever name is required

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