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@mario believed me when i joked that they changed knuckles into a hedgehog

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Oh hey, it'd be great if y'all could commission me! I'm trying to be able to have my own cash to use for Me Stuff™ so I don't have to ask my mom for stuff. Link below, with examples! Show more

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i have no idea about astrology stuff and at this point im too afraid to ask

also theyve got GOOD contrast w another character and it wasnt even intentional

i designed an angel and i successfully made a character that wasnt a bastard with a ponytail

im trying desperately to not design another ponytailed bastard but its so hard

hey @mario u know how i said in your server that i was designing an angel and that it was unrelated to fuchsia :3

god im going to go draw one of my ocs and like. im just realizing how silly it is

shes a magical girl. with a fucking Baseball Bat

D:< my school computer updated and now i cant even log into my personal email to work on my book

Discord.... PLEASE give me an easy way to spoiler images from mobile

e... doin bacteria swabs in science class babey... one group swabbed a confiscated vape

honestly, life is all about figuring yourself out, don’t be afraid to experiment with different labels and don’t be ashamed of not being certain of your sexuality/gender, people constantly change and that’s what makes us human, we are developing our characters all throughout our lives !!

Also harassing fat people for their weight because you’re “concerned for their health” is ableist, being healthy isn’t possible for everyone and being healthy also doesn’t determine your worth.
Stop acting like you care about fat people and admit you hate them for existing or start actually supporting them.

a couple doodles of alice and inky before bed... bc theyre my favorite ocs in veilwood

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