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ASMR committing arson while reading a bedtime story

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Pinned toot beep beep join my discord server its too quiet. the rules are p much dont be an ass and be respectful

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what kind of person are you if you don't try and becomes friends with the monster attacking your city

you’re just saying that and it Is Not Working


someone remind me to never get this again

yknow strawberries dipped in powdered sugar? that’s what this drink tastes like

if you dont blur the lines between reality and fiction, whats the point really?

i got a drink that’s too sweet but i feel obligated to finish it bc someone bought it for me 😔

autism culture is not understanding shit and being interesting

im criyng @wormssss had never heard of the wizard of oz til tonight

“Dragons cant look like that” dragons arent REAL THEY CAN LOOK HOWEVER I WANT THEM TOO

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