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well I'm biro ace but asexuality aside I still cry over pretty women so prepare yourself for incomprehensible toots about pretty women

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I ate a bunch of sour gummy worms before going to bed and my tummy isnt thanking me for it :(

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rational adult brain: okay we just need to do these 3 things and then we'll be done! :) you like doing these adult things too it'll be fu-
toddler brain, banging on pots: NAP NAP NAP NAPNAP

D.C. commuters were handed fake copies of The Washington Post today, falsely claiming that President Trump had resigned under pressure from female political activists.

and having fun and actually writing are the only two important things when it comes to fiction writing

i find it kind of funny that like 3 of my characters were just middle school self-inserts that took on lives and personalities of their own

make your fun self-insert ocs kids, even if they don't become full fleshed out characters, they're still fun

people who can braid their own hair in a french/dutch braid are all deities

reminder if any of u ever want anything CWed please just lmk im gonna redo tht one post w a warning now

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