I have to get ready soon bc I have somewhere to go in 6 hours and if I dont get ready now I'll go there in my onesie

my cat woke me up by jumping off a shelf and directly onto my face. good morning to you too nigel

I'm officially scarlet fever free berries! Time to go to town and be a cool rebellious teen again

I'm so sick I've become absolutely delirious at this point

its 5 am and I've been watching the "wouldn't you like to know weather boy" clip and absolutely losing my shit for the past hour

I'm super itchy. I hate being sick and I hate scarlet fever.

sorry I've been kinda dead on here, I gave scarlet fever and I'm resting

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gay culture is calling minor inconveniences homophobia

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listen I know shorts with leggings is a bad look, but that doesnt mean i gonna stop wearing them together

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cats are so small but they fit so much bastard energy in them

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is it normal to have paint into your jaw with a head ache?

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(something inconveniences me)
wow that really gangnams my style

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gerard way: new song
me: :pika:
gerard way: new TV SHOW
me: :crying_cat: AAAAAAAA

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