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Out of PSI ✨ || Mun rambles but on different things Show more

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how to know if im in character:

if i get too emotional, or I get too woke:tm:, im ooc

otherwise it's Nass talkin :)

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Pretty cool of Bowser to take the place of mister Reggie! What a nice guy! 🙂 Maybe he will localize Lucas' game hahaha!

The night sky is beautiful and calming... I wish it always was the night...

I think the stars are nice... I think they’d make wishes come true if they could!

i don't really talk a lot here don't i!
I guess I get busy, or I get lazy haha!

I don't watch anyone specific honestly, I'm not one to follow youtubers a whole lot!

Hi! My name's Ness! And you're watching Disney Channel!
*does the Disney Channel logo using my PSI*

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Out of PSI ✨ || Show more

Out Of PSI ✨ || Show more

this is so cool oh my gosh Lucas is here Lucas is here aaaAAH!!!!

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