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oh if someone wants to talk to me on discord or like stalk what im listening to on spotify or something my discord is TheParadox#6318

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If anyone wants to join my shitty discord server here's a link
There's this one guy that occasionally uses some slurs but he's been basially only saying "no" for the last week or so so it should be fine

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No one uses moon signs from the moon anymore. Moon signs from Phobos is what's cool nowadays get with the times

there was an icarly ds game at walmart today, in an anti-theft protection case. they know where their funding needs to go

Tbh i never know if i have a trigger list becuase i dont know what needs to be classified as a trigger, like how do i know if something i hear or see or read is considered a trigger??

I have such a adorable icon for someone who once said toe slurping on local tl

It’s real respecting triggers hour. Smash that like button to totally make your friends and mutuals comfortable.

i gotta walk my gender guys, needs to exercise

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It snowed today where I live. So, here’s a free nonbinary snow phone wallpaper for the occasion.

#nonbinary#snow#lock screen#phone wallpaper


Ok but what is homestuck literally the only thing I know about it is that there are some characters

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