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no cisgendered heterosexual'ds allowed in my satanist roblox place

im feelin a bit like AKDUDUDJDJDNNDDNFKCKGG 2day

Okay marco stop having TWO crushes, I don't even have one

if you give me rabies ill give you radiation sickness. seems fair to me

(If someone ever scrolls down to look at my profile post april fools day, its gonna be really weird)

so who the fuck are the people out here actually buying those weird, like, gossip magazines. i don't understand. it's not teenage girls. it's barely white moms. who the fuck else could that shit be marketed to

:3< literally þe best þing you have ever seen. þe best meme ever. i've done it. my second magnum opus

dsgjfkhj someone in my class got in trouble for calling the ta a dingus


me when a shitty spambot comes on here and tries to be slick

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