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I dont seem like it is may i have to defeat me at 51°23'13.19" N 30°05'33.60" E im blasting lemon demon time again where i go

q becomes sappy on main!! hours!!! if ur out there...

@gen oh ok ill get you in your journey of self discovery ❤️

I was just gonna repost this on tungus bcos I didnt wanna rb from positive-memes but I think this is very epic and everyone should know

oh you right those are my current obsessions 💙

what if youre like nice welcome to berries!! its usually chill and most people are kinning baba. baba army assemble

Hey, I wanna save up and get some more perler beads and a storage case for them so I can start making things, so I'm doing $5 quick chibi sketch commissions. Send a message if u want one.

btw do yall like my joker edit? its v subtle but i think the details i added are nice

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@Pinky berrys veterans know the part of my life post about portal i Will go apeshit :

jack is dead so ill just be like "ok....ill let this happen"

I love saying hellow to beople and confusing them. They never expect it.. sometimes a doggie just says Hellwo..

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