When you accidentally hit 0 instead of O and your account is automatically moved to trollian

In conclusion: Support alternate emoji sets like mutant.tech/ and systems like Mastodon that let users define their emoji


is the full list of members. Can I now say I've live-tooted a reading of the unicode consortium website?

There's really only 15 different companies/governments deciding on these things (plus two companies with half a vote)

Some other people you might not expect to be voting on what emojis we use:

UC Berkley
India (like, the country)

Why does the Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs get to vote on emojis?

I just read the phrase "Unicode Bylaws" and I don't know if I'll ever recover

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it may appear that i haven't made a toot in three days*, but i swear im alive

*unless you follow me

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"If you made an exact scientific language, it would always be unclear, because no one is going to learn your nerd language."


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oh fuck i just remembered i didnt sleep last night.

i should nap eventually.

a reminder of why sleep is good, directed at nobody in particular, and certainly not @pchoooooo, who apparently hasn't slept in an absurd amount of time:

sleep has repeatedly been shown to correlate with:
- less depression
- better metabolism
- better memory
- better immune system
- faster healing
- very cozy
- quite good
- @pchoooooo please sleep for the love of all things good

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@Tizzie but nothing gives me a greater thrill than fighting my way to the status of the sole survivor in a PvP enabled zone

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is there... any tools or directories for lgbt friendly psychiatrists/psychologists/therapists ?

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You’ve heard of Netflix and Chill. Now get ready for...

Hulu and Destroy Capitalism

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@Tizzie sometimes it can be reassuring to remember that we are more than the way we appear in physical spaces ✨
I'm really glad it was meaningful for you!

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