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We've made one more brief update to our rules:

Hopefully these rules should stay constant now aside from smaller changes. Please let us know if you see any more typos or code errors, we appreciate it!

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It looks like we have an influx of new users from twitter. First of all, welcome! We're happy to have you.

You may not have been given this info when told about us, but berries is just one part of the larger network of Mastodon. If you find that berries doesn't suit your needs, there are many other servers called instances that may be better for you, such as the larger generalistic instance If you have any questions about mastodon or how instances work, feel free to ask.

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Hi everyone! We have made a major update to our rules page, found here:

This update should make them a lot easier to read; it also adds a couple of clarifications, as well as some new policies.

Important to note: as of today, 3/13/19, we now have a rule requiring users to state an age or age range somewhere in their bio. This is to ensure the safety of our younger users; you are not required to list an exact age, "adult" or "minor" is a bare minimum.

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Also for transparency's sake from now on there will be a spreadsheet with donations and costs of berries, this can be found here!

We will be upgrading Berries to the most recent Mastodon update, so please standby during the brief outage. :berry:

There will be a (hopefully brief) outage while we restart the services!

We're working on upgrading Berries, so you might get a few errors while we do so! This is also a heads up just in case there's an outage again.

We're attempting to fix our customizations, so heads up in case there's an outage again! There hopefully shouldn't be any issues this time but you may get a few errors.

We ran into some issues trying to update and merge everything, and it is also very much 5 am, so our custom themes and character limit will be missing for a little while longer. Hopefully we've fixed what was going wrong and we can get that done tomorrow.

We had to overwrite some files in order to update properly so your themes will be missing for a little while and the character limit temporarily reverted. This should be fixed soon!

We're still trying to figure out the source of the errors people have been getting. There may be some more errors or brief outages as we try to update some things, but hopefully we should be able to fix the issue soon.

Reminder to take a look at our updated rules page, even if you're not a new user!

Specifically, please remember to add your age to your bio! We will be pretty lenient about this for now and will remind people when we see it, but we'll start being a little stricter about it shortly, especially if you've been asked to do so before and haven't yet.

I know everyone is enjoying the new character limit, but please make sure you're CWing anything longer than 500-600 or so characters so as not to stretch the timeline!

The character limit is now 1000 characters!

We will be upgrading to 2.7.4 shortly, so there may be brief downtime!

We're working on some customizations for berries! Reply with any ideas you have for new names/icons for the toot, boost and like buttons, and we'll add them to an upcoming poll.

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if you haven't looked at the new rules already, here are some of the most important changes we made!

clarified NSFW and age policies:

specifying age or age range in bio:

rule about IRL shipping etc.:

clarification on CWs and some CW etiquette:

clarified spam rule:

what mods can and can't do, and possible responses to reports:

Please remember to take a look at our updated rules, and add your age or age range to your bio if you have not already!

Updated our rules and about page with some helpful links for new users, since it seems like we have a lot of people moving over from Twitter!

We've made one more brief update to our rules:

Hopefully these rules should stay constant now aside from smaller changes. Please let us know if you see any more typos or code errors, we appreciate it!

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Just to clarify our new rule about listing age, please list your age or age range directly in your bio on berries, not just in an external link like a listography or carrd. And remember to look through the updated rules if you haven't:

We just restarted the services to fix a few errors; please let us know if you're still experiencing problems!

Here is another source with multiple video links:

This is a small, community oriented website with strict rules and moderation, run by volunteer admins and moderators. This account is run by multiple admins. For the safety and comfort of our users, we have certain hard lines in what we do and do not allow. You are still able to see posts and interact with people on if you make an account on another instance, such as, with different rules.

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