there was an issue trying to update to 2.7.2 I sorted it out though, sorry for the slight downtime.

I apologize for the extended downtime of berries, there was an unexpected error this morning when our domain transfer went through. All errors should be fixed now.

Thanks to one more amazing donator! We now have OVER our monthly goal for berries! Thanks everyone who is currently contributing!

Also for transparency's sake from now on there will be a spreadsheet with donations and costs of berries, this can be found here!

Thank you for all the donations tonight! We got $29 dollars from all of you and our own admin Corrin gave $60! A new patron joined our Patreon with a $10 donation as well! Thanks so much to everyone who has helped out!

Hey there so... the big donation we got initially of 100 dollars + all the smaller ones have been used up. I officially don't have any money left for berries anymore.
If you would like to see berries continue to stay up, we need more help from the users.
You can help at these links:

or paypal directly to @estroqueen

We don't normally announce our instance blocks, but we felt we should let our users know that we will be silencing and eventually suspending. We were made aware of their rule against he/him lesbians, which is incompatible with our rules and blatantly transphobic and homophobic.
We know that many of our users have good mutuals and alts there and we wanted to give them a chance to learn about this, as it seems like this rule was unknown to most of you.

Hey everyone! So, berries has been up for 3 months now, which means I am now able to switch to another domain hosting service. This is necessary because the current service I use does not allow me full record control which I really need.

I'll be putting in the process tonight, there may be some downtime with berries but it shouldn't be much. Apologies in advance.

To be clear, full text search allows you to search for anything you have posted, interacted with, or were mentioned in.

Hey everyone, a new feature has been added to berries. We now have full text search enabled. If you would like to search for posts on berries it is now possible!

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wasabi is having planned maintenance so images might be a little weird rn! hopefully it should go back up soon but you'll probably notice some issues

Enjoy the new emojis! They're from a cool pack called mutant standard! I'm working on hiding all the color variants rn so we dont eat up bandwith.

Hey! With all the new work going on in berries behind the scenes, we thought it would be best if a new co-admin was appointed to help out. Former mod Corrin has now been made into an admin!

The mods cannot keep track of every single post on berries. We can only take care of what we see or is reported. Accusations of us targeting specific users are false.

I've noticed several berries users have missing icons. This is because of the media loss we had about a month ago which lost a bunch of images. If you just re-upload your profile picture it will fix the issue.

Sorry for the weird issues with posts over the last couple hours. It should be completely sorted out now.

Ok I found the issue and fixed it. Sidekiq will be backed up for probably around 30 mins which means posts may show out of order. But things should work now with federated content. Sorry this happened.

Gonna shut down berries for like 5 mins while I work on a possible fix

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