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Just a quick note that cam @megatron has returned to the team. Cam was a mod for us during the earlier berries days but he decided to leave for some time. We're glad to have him back.

As soon as our image service comes back online I will be switching to their us-west server because I hear it is more stable. This may cause a small amount of downtime.

Any other admins in the fediverse have goood ideas for alternatives to wasabi? The outages recently are awful and I need a new storage provider.

For people who didn't see the last announcement, a bunch of mastodon instances are having issues with images because image hosting service most of them use is down.
For more information check:

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Hey so wasabi is being funky again.

Here's their current statement on the situation

"We are reverting changes in an effort to restore services. We expect this step to take approximately 60 minutes. Service will be down during this period. "

So there may be some issues uploading images and receiving them as well. This will affect a lot of mastodon as many admins use wasabi for their image hosting.

For more information their status page is here:

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tw: pedophilia, pedophile on berries Show more

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Hi berries! We realize that some of you may still have some questions about reporting after @admin's post yesterday, so we drew up an FAQ:
Hopefully this should answer a lot of questions you may have thought of and maybe some you didn't! If you have anything else that isn't covered here, send us a DM or DM @espeon and we'll add it to the doc.

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seriously guys reporting stuff helps us. so much. lately weve been reporting everything ourselves but really even if you see so much as a badly worded cw please report it to us! it takes only a second and makes our lives so much easier

Please remember that the berries mods actually care about the interactions on the site. Your reports will not be ignored, every one is read and discussed by the mods and dealt with in the way we think best serves all of you.

As well, if you have an issue with any actions that the berries mods take on a report, or are wondering about the resolution of one. Please message this account or @mods and we will be glad to let you know. (2/2)

Hey berries users. The mod team has been feeling overworked lately. This has a lot to do with the fact that when posts that go against our rules are made, they frequently go unreported, and we feel like we have to keep a constant eye on berries as a result.

Please report posts that you see that go against our rules. It actually makes our job easier when you do!

After some interviews, deliberation, and a vote by the mod team. We have FINALLY reached consensus on the new mods we are adding to the team! Say hi to the new mods:
To anyone who didn't get to be a mod, we may have more openings in the future. So keep an eye open.

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we are!! going to!! tackle the hair today!!!!! it looks so silly right now but we'll get there!!!! miss berries will rise,,,,,

Raspberry has been updated! @Tizzie did a good job again!

Hey everyone! Images may not load and or may have trouble uploading! Our media storage service Wasabi is having issues. This is not just limited to Berries either, many other mastodon instances rely on Wasabi and may be having issues.

Hey everyone! We now have the blueberry theme! It's still work in progress, but you can test it! Credit to our amazing theme creator @Tizzie !

Hey everyone! Since the @mods and @admin account weren't followed or known about by a lot of you, we have auto-followed all users to those two accounts. You aren't required to follow us and can un-follow if you desire.

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Hey! In about 20 minutes I'll be upgrading berries to the latest mastodon release. We may be down for like 20 minutes during this upgrade.

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