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my girlfriend got married and she and her wife are. so cute

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all kh fans agree: there is one good disney town minigame, one ok one, and one that's awful. nobody can agree which is which though

intensely australian moment: saw a person at the invasion day protest with a sign saying "nah mate"

my gf is seriously considering having dearly beloved play when she signs the certificate at her wedding... she's not even into kingdom hearts... I love her so much

(in fahrenheit that's 84 overnight and a high of 111 tomorrow. it's warm)

In my (wanky) opinion photorealistic graphite portraits referenced directly from glamour shots of celebrities is the lowest form of art

I get really judgey about art but specifically high-polish low-concept art that gets a lot of attention for being technically skilled... I sit there pouting and being like "I guess its pretty but it doesn't MEAN anything" bc I'm a wanker

having some thoughts but I couldn't post them without inviting Discourseℒ️ :pensiverat:

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went to the gym and the personal trainer stole my arms :/

also my phone wanted to autocorrect hatsune to hats unembellished

I think I might have made this exact post before

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