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unpopular opinion but writing out descriptions of emoji rather than sending the actual emoji (e.g. saying "eyes emoji" rather than πŸ‘€ ) is better because a) it's inherently funny and b) then you can send emoji in all caps, a functionality lacking in traditional emoji

unpopular opinion: maths is easy and comforting and fun

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the idea that patterns can clash is a scam perpetuated by Big Boring to sell more black t-shirts

I changed one of my tutorials bc the previous tutor was condescending and weird and the new one is much better but unfortunately is juuuust sexy enough to be distracting and I guess that's what I'm living with now

I have risen and ground, and the bread is mine.

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I wear glasses now and of course I got a nice subtle everyday pair

when I get some natural light and a cute outfit for taking selfies with my new glasses on its over for yall

overly long question asking white man keeps saying "believe it or not" about things he's saying to the lecturer... ughghghhh

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the only thing I've learned from studying postgrad so far is that all research posters are ugly af

not a fan of the berries character limit increase bc the lower limit was all that was keeping my otherwise uncontrollable tendencies to be excessively verbose, overdescribe simple concepts, and generally use far more words than in actually necessary to say what I want to say in check

I've always been a pretty memorable (read: weird-acting and weird-looking) person while also being partially faceblind and bad with names so my whole life has been an endless parade of people recognising me and me being like "sorry I have no idea who you are"

starting a new degree has really made me realise exactly how faceblind and bad with names I really am

today's aesthetic was one part anime schoolgirl, one part barbecue dad but I forgot to take selfies so you'll have to just imagine it

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