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gosh im just really in the mood to take selfies today its so unlike me
i feel really girly!

oh gosh oops i dropped my selfies
(peep my helix piercing tho its a pentacle)

Theres one coworker who knows my name and she's the cute one I've had a crush from day one and she uses it all the time even tho nobody else does and tbh? I'm gonna wife that bitch so hard.

Who would win?

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fellas is it gay to zoom? You pretty much just manipulating a display so as to magnify or shrink it 🤔😳😳

Lenin: It is natural for a liberal to speak of “democracy” in general; but a Marxist will never forget to ask: “for what class?

forcibly ejected from the local arby's after forcing the cashier to feel my shaved legs

now i high key wanna be able to just have my account there but have these timelines visible. i dont really like having a shattered social presence, i want all my shitposts in one place

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