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*disney voice* oh they think this shit cant get worse?

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the berries IW april fools event > the actual IW movie

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just scratched my lip on an aloe trying to close me windows

im SO happy rn.. its cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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dont be afraid to chew on the cup after you are done.. mineral.s.

z*links are always suspiciously heterosexual idk

I swear I'm typing the way I usually do but it's doing some odd amplified auto-correct.

You've all been reading me type like a professional the entire time? Damn.

Well, didn't notice that side effect before.

Lyn, if you can find the banned accounts square you'll probably just need to blow it up like I did or just dive in the portal given it's still there.

My entire body seems to be covered in glittery gold marker stars. Hopefully washes off.

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