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Hey everyone! It has been a while! I am Bri or Bridget I used to be on glitch social but due to reasons had to leave! But I am back to reconnect with old friends or make new ones! I am 23 and am very gay! I like games and anime and things! I hope everyone has a good day!

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Helo, i am not dead, just deep into dark Souls 2 right now, so much so that I have been forgoing most social media and I apologize

Started singing my audition script as a cheesy musical and it actually sounded pretty decent.

Oh yeah, I got an electric bass during my absence and I love it.

BeamNG and Violent Femmes is a good combination.

I also want to apologize for the absence, my ability to be social has been low these past few weeks

I know i haven't been very active on here, but I made a synthwave??? song. I am really really really happy with the way this turned out.

As long as I post at least one shitpost a day, people will not unfollow me right?

Leon S Kennedy is sexy and I can't stop thinking about him while I play remake 2 send toot

Can someone please tell me how the Steam pre-load feature works and why on the day of its release can I not play the game I bought?


starting a gofundme so i can buy a mercedes benz bus

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now i am kinda pissed because that was absolutley my favorite movie of the year and to see it not get any kind of major award nominations is really upsetting

that was such a good damn movie
like, wow im tearing up a bit

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