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i'm opening tarot commissions! details below πŸ•― Show more

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I am well acquainted with this space heater

hey girl i forgot my ass could i scream at your’s?

Do you know how terrifying it is when like 30 white girls are yelling bts lyrics at each other

There's like 5 separate groups of kpoppies at my school who are always fighting and i'm so tired of it

I can't wait until all my teeth rot out of my skull

I might uhhh make a new account to hide how self conscious ive been feeling lately

opening commissions!! after six i will have to close!! please if you cant afford one boost this!!

I like spiderman!! But sometimes it's just too much spiderman

ive been back with solt for ONE day and i've already had 2 panic attacks

this year take charge of your love life and text your crush "haha wouldn't it be kinda hot if the cookie monster strangled me to death"

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