*emerges after days of radio silence* i have made an olive kingdom and this is the olive prince, olea

he has twelve olive cats

#inkyDays 3/30: Jail.
It might be the last freedom for us because we never no what tomorrow will bring.

There is a little of my feeling in Mandarin on my blog.

#inkyDays #ink #drawing

me: *sits still for five minutes*
me: welp, time to wiggle

i just made an art server on discord and boy golly am i nervous

words are fun! wish i knew how to use them!

Last birthday picture of my bf's oc! That's three entire March birthdays Holy heck

commissioners who tip artists???? actual angels.....

if you're under 15 and over 5'2 Im legally allowed to absorb your bones

Creators Stop Killing Off Gay Characters Challenge

if i had the ability to filter things people say out of my brain i would filter out any and all deadnames

Birthday picture number 2 for my *other* friend!! Because literally everyone I talk to has a March birthday for some reason-

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