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god tier: cold water at 4am
top tier: cold water
mid tier: room temperature water
low tier: warm water
shit tier: sparkling water

in my head i'm like 6'1, but then my body is like you don't deserve rights so you're [RETRACTED]

its that time of the year where im reminded onision exists.. I Was Having A Nice Time :blobcatglaredrink: :defeat:

its kinda cool that people started getting into the moomins in the spring time (people from the southern hemisphere DNI /j)

welcome back to: i forgot how tedious pixel art is

some of the shit terfs say is honestly just vile, wtf is wrong with them

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i hate that i know what the word lingerie sounds like, but i always read it as it's spelt

Tove Jansson is such and iconic person its nice that the moomins have such an interesting creator

younger siblings be like: i can get away with everything and your gonna get blamed for it

the only time when its normal for my friends or me to basically scream at each other is while playing mario kart or overcooked, we all get so hyped will playing it

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