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god this place is so peaceful what the fuck

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I am so close to just screaming my fucking lungs out

Me pleading with Trollian: please be normal!!please be normal
Trollian kicking me in the teeth: Owo toes

The one thing Trollian has that I wish berries had is the ability to just post to the instance.

Like hot take or w/e its an echo chamber and deaf.

Miles shaking the fuck out of me durinf the movie: LOOOOOK LOOOOK
Me being jerked around: I'm LOOKING IM LOOKING

Bout to re watch into the Spiderverse so expect miles to front this is his favorite movie

"it's just love" is never enough. It's so much more than "Just love"

You might even see my face crinkle around the eyes as my smile migrates north as the cold rushes away from my body. I'm just a body of love and I'm happy again.

If you look close you'll see the blood dance across my face and you'll see my eyes widen. If you put your ear to the walls of my body you'll hear the music swelling when I realize I'm happy.

My skin is pale and thin sometimes you can see the veins under my skin and if you pay attentiontion you might see me get red in the ears from the heart beating against my chest when he says he loves me

Do you wanna move to fast and plan out perfect lives together?

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I'm what the kids call obnoxiously in love, I never shut up about it.

I mean I gush about My Boy publicly anywhere

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