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I can't believe vape ape is in pokemon :O

#WriteFreely is a free open federated blogging platform. It has a minimalist approach so that readers concentrate on the text.

It federates with #ActivityPub so you can follow blogs through Mastodon etc.

Existing Write Freely instances you can sign up at:

Installing your own instance:

Fully managed hosting, if you want your own instance without doing techy stuff:

#AlternativesAtoZ #Blogging

You guys better accept I can swear!! Watch this!!






When I came out most of my family told me they didn't like the name Alice and like I dont give a shit it's my name but also I'm gonna be so mad when I tell them I'm also called Rose if they don't like that one either

There's a new lesbian/WLW instance up over at! They were set up in the wake of the lesbiab rules to make a space that's actually safe for all lesbians, including he/him lesbians. They're brand new but they look great so far!

in the ideal world id have a shit ton of jackets

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don't forget to take your meds! drink some water! kill god! remember to take a break and stretch once in a while!

Any cute girls want me to make them breakfast?

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Wanted to post those to @alice but I'm still working on my profile there

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