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mayoral decree: the president of berries is who ever wins the next hunger games

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I guess I'll do one. Hi I'm Daisy (not really, but I still am) I'm 19 and am a Bi-con and love yugioh. I'm also a cowboy can I get a yeehaw. for moving instances again because I might've hecked up

im almost done guys just look at discord.

Im not gonna put out all my political beliefs out there but only 1: communism is bad.

this is :/ i dont wanna go to classes on my birthday

good night berries maybe tomorrow ill feel better, maybe

the only good things to come out of marvel: xmen.

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Christmas lizard will bring you a froend request on discord.

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*casually forgets birthday is tomorrow because stress*

mayoral decree: you must win hunger games 3 times to become god

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