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anyway kpoppies here's my listography with my biases and peak performances by talent

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wait do we be doing intros now

name: spencer
age: 17
identity: nb lesbian babey
nationality: australian

im uhh know astrology bitch, taurus sun, aries moon, cancer rising with a gemini and uranus dominance

i'm unfortunately a kpoppie but im gay about it so i think that makes me valid, i also will if given the opportunity never shut tf up about figure skating

a girl i used to friends with once called me embarrassingly gay and i'm an art school reject so that's where i'm at with my life

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bewwies is quiet at this houw. kitty doesn't mind!

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also the moon is trans and the sun is dating her

like ik im a kpoppie and so dont really have room to talk in terms of bad music but god at least kpop doesnt do that fuckin twang to guitars

another reason for me not go to this party: they're gonna play country

shout out to all friends who are telling me im valid for not going to this party yall the only bitches who matter

ok but literally why would anyone invite me to a party if theyre not also inviting the one person i hang out with at parties?????

deciding not to go to a party is like heroine to me

like i can read sheet music,,, but me being big stupid would try to play by ear instead

ive finally realised why i was bad at violin like 2 years late

ya know what i deserved a 99 atar and thats tea

im finally writing up my "resolutions" for this year

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tee bee h (unpopular #loona opinion):
bbc should've had yyxy debut in the last quarter of 2018 and pushed debut to 2019. bc then they wouldve completed the subunit stuff and they wouldnt be competing with big3 + mnet digital monsters (unless cherry bullet does amazingly well and sm finally releases the gg theyve been hiding for 1000 years)

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