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what are you gonna do with that chainsaw? gonna hit me? better make it count. better make it hurt. better kill me in one shot.

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this is a sleepy people only zone. if you awake go away

so!!! if anyone wants to know what ive been doing all day today... i decided to open a enstars rp server and so far,,, over half the cast has been claimed

his head grab is so unbelievably cute i cannot believe this man exists

its really hard to describe the emotions going on in me right now

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a fashion designer vampire and a tired teacher angel, they don't have names and they're dating (feel free to suggest names) i used some picrew games for these

im so scared that my words arent makjng sense to others cause im so out of jt and my brains jjsy a mess

i only log on berries to change my layout then disappear again

this isn't canon but i still love them

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if anything happens to these two i will kill everyone in the room then myself

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