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spent too much fucking time on these i have like important stuff to do

LOOK at the emojis i just added to one of my servers

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the future is female is such a white feminist phrase rn but also when trans women use it as a statement of intent it's so fucking powerful, let's all collectively steal it from the Cis

comphet sucks but is weirdly validating to my gender

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subjecting a cladistic analysis to a bootstrap test, or "giving it the strap",

me before coming out: i wish i could wear skirts every day

me now, having been out/presenting femininely for over a year and a half: i wish i could wear skirts every day

for years i'd see a girl who just seemed so happy and carefree and i'd just feel so crushed because i knew that could never be me

and now it is. i don't have to be male or masculine or emotionless or miserable or languishing in wishing i was someone else, anyone else but me. i am me and i'm a girl and i don't ever have to be anyone else, because i am who i am and that's wonderful

tnt GUI only works on windows, and my only windows computer has no internet and i'm afraid to hook it up, and tnt files are very small.......i am considering getting an external floppy disc reader for my laptop in 2019

i have SUCCEEDED in running one parsimony analysis. i am computer girl

program: for best results use windows 7

thought of the word cowbutch and honestly i never need to have another thought now

fingerless leather gloves? butch lingerie

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