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I'm Mae! I'm an adult, and I prefer they/them pronouns. She/her is fine too, though.

I love SSBU a lot! I probably will be posting about it alot (under spoiler tags, dw!!)

Galeem is a huge comfort character for me...

I moved here from and i'll probably remain most active here! If I make any mistakes at all please DM me so I can correct them too! (it makes things worse for me if people vague--)

i really need to be on here more instead of being a babie

I'm not gonna bother with driving people until;
1. i get more confident
2. i'm sure that i'm safe

hey so um. I'm working with uber now to do deliveries (food) which is pretty cool and i guess the main issue is i'm kinda paranoid about .... everything, naturally.

Does anyone have suggestions to kinda help me stop worrying? this is one of the few jobs I feel i can properly work and I don't want to lose my chances here because of my stupid anxiety--

that aside though, does anyone know the easiest way to keep my hair parted that way? a

i'm probably going to talk to you a lot at random I hope you are prepared

(i remembered you mostly used mastodon and i wanted to talk to you again so here i am to pester you)

Welcome to luna posts at light speed in good mod

i love the sensitive content filter so you don't have to see things unless you check it

i forgot how easy and fun it is to post on here

> friend

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