boost this and i'll give you a randomized dragon
(cannot guarantee that it won't be ugly)

@gen i don't think i boosted it but thanks anyway!! 💖

@boggan OH sorry lmao im sleep deprived
im glad u like it !!

@gen i dont hav my glasses on right now but it looks like that dragon is see thu and full of slime and i am so about that. thank u gen ❤️

@melty yw !! :D yes it's underbelly has the capsule gene so ur right

@gen i need that gene in my irl flesh body asap tbqh.

@gen This is the opposite of an ugly dragon!! I will hug them and squeeze them and name them George...

@gen I love George!! I want to cuddle up in among his coils and feel safe. I bet I'll be damn safe there. And we can go and fly about together. Never can get caught by surprise when we're together, I'll wager. :DDDD

@gen covered in the blood of my enemies...............

@gen i love them thank you also you @ ed my .socal account rip

@gen don't worry it's okay !! i was just confused because it didn't pop up in my notifications

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