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whenever you type i want you to imagine him behind you and remember that you caused this to appear on his face

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god my spine i think i've aged 70 yrs in 1 second

Dear people of the Unova Region, I'm sorry i tried to cover you all in ice. I didn't mean to it was just a joke. I thought you could take a joke but i guess I was wrong.
I've frozen other cities before but I never had issue about the whole deal. Maybe you're all just overreacting. I don't understand why you're so upset over a little freezing. I thought you'd appreciate my rule.

everyone had a horse girl phase n thats just facts

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What im saying is what the FUCK was 2014

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ok im gonna go on another pony related tangent

i wish u could like mlp without thinkin abt,,,,, u kno

all my bones............... r like holey cheese

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@ghetsis ap classes should have been places for kids with specific interests & talents to explore them in more depth, but they turned into mandatory college prerequisites, which immediately gut-punched a) any kids who can't do ap b) the kids who are now killing themselves tryibg to take em all and c) the kids who originally had a passionate interest in the subject. I'm not bitter about this, as you can tell,,

i mean i think i only finished hs with 6 of them done in total but its like
1 better than nothing and
2 i know if i tried to shove as many as possible i'd die

like i kno its a good gpa boost but i worry that it stresses ppl out bc they worry if they dont overload themselves they wont get into a good school and end up failing or becoming horribly stressed or worse bc like
its a lot of pressure already on someone n ur only dumping more on em

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if your piece of media criticism relies entirely on identifying plot holes and saying "this doesn't make sense", its utterly worthless, and boring

ap classes r good i just wish ppl didnt emphasize them to the point that people force themselves to overly stress themselves out trying to manage a boatload of them when they cant handle it

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