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(ongoing) list of pokemon that should be able to duovolve ( a double battle exlusive mega evolution)
-solrock and lunatone
-plusle and minun
-nidoking and nidoqueen
-ninjask and shedinja
-venusaur and blastoise, obviously
-latias and latios
-whatever 2 pokemon are the legendaries that generation

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i dont have any pinned toots because im dum and nothing i say merits prolonged appreciation and also i only figured out how to do it today

my computer died mid plushposting, so ill stop... for now. this isnt over, though

plush designers, please stop adding things besides plush to ur products!!! vinyl and plastic make them so hard to cuddle!!!!!!!! please!!!!!

powermove is intentionally buying bootleg plushes because the original version has hard plastic bits on it

anyone got any recommendations for n64 games? i found a way to play them a la the lilly and emii "modded console" method

lilly, you didnt tell me sonic advance would be so... advanced!!!

wow, sonic advance 1 much harder than sonic 1 so far. these special stages are rough!!!

if you hide in a walmart for 30 hours its legally yours

shadow the hedgehog slideshow AMV evanescence bring me to life (with lyrics)

hhmmmmmbbbb,,,, sleeby time. i hope infinites asleep too or ill cry. gn everyone!!! im love u

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