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idk if i ever let anyone know but im a black poc! dhjsfdg i forget that like, not a lot of people realize that...

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hey gays what's up!
my name's Q, I'm 18, nb lesbian
my tumblr:
my insta: @ illuminatedbeehive (i draw!)
my twitter: @BirbusMemeus

If I was on my PC I would post crying Niko Everytime gen dies

Wich means the timeline would be full of crying nikos

*does something w parsnips once* *echolalia goes feral on parsnips*

is this because jack bought like 500 parsnips on our stardew save or

@astrology @iodrgain yeah what are you - [trips on a parsnip and dies again]

@gen nothing just a parsnip *points at parsnip*

berries is just people yelling parsnip and then me in the corner rambling about spider-man 24/7

oh we're loveposting for the mods love and support

sorry i dont wanna sound like all i do is complain but

marvel cinematic universe. [smashes a brick over its head]

also i dont wanna be like "spider-man can only exist in new york uwu!!" because thats obviously not true, but... idk, i dont think they picked the right setting for far from home? i don't even think peter Wouldve been able to pay for a school trip like that in the first place, realistically

and the coloring looks bad too lmao :'))

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a person with high influence turns out to be fucking garbage. i look towards wherever marie kondo is and nod. they do not spark joy

politican, sweating: l-look i want whats best for the people
me infront of a masked crowd messing around w my baseball bat: be specific...

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