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i have a pidgeotto named after huey emmerich and i forgot why

im finally continuing lets go eevee...

if any mod wants/needs me 2 talk about the issue u can ask for my discord or smth

if anyone wants to follow me on tumblr i'm @ kingcrimson

a relatively popular person on this site told me smth really antisemitic once and honestly even though i got an apology i still feel. uncomfy on this site

do u guys want me 2 tell my cat anything

im sorry for negative posting im jus.t h

i hate it when some1 tells you something fucked up on a call or some shit and you dont have any proof of it (cuz its on call) so you cant tell people expecting for them to inherently trust you (if you rt this i will smite you)

pit looked rlly cute in his original kid icarus design

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please consider donating to keep berries running !! thank you ❤️

thx target for fueling my garbage pail kids collection

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