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i mean, it didn't happen to my account, but if it ever happens, i'll try to find out kjhgfghjk

does mastodon have a FAQ about accounts? :thunk: i think i'll have to research because i really don't know much about things that could happen kjhgfg (how to find out about locks and etc)

I don't use Bluestacks, I use Nox Player, fight me.

HEY GUESS WHAT. you can be trans and dislike talking about politics. just saying. gender is not a political statement

Mastodon Is Crumbling-- Not Enough People Are Telling Girls How Cute They Are

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If You Are Lgbt Or Claim To Support The Community But You Do Not Stand With Wlw And Trans Women Then What Are You Even Fighting For

*sasuke voice* lesbians? tch..... you dont stand a chance against them, fool.

in this instance we support wlw and feed lesbophobes and biphobes to the crocodiles

i'm nblw i wanna protect every wlw because we all have one thing in common,

we love women

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