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i built cino a playpen!!! shes runnin

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me and @atomikebonpyre be like: insomnia also i hate final fantasy

im not gonna use it that much obv because Im Berry but its there if u wanna see more of Meri

hey should i make pizza rolls or bagel bites

hermitcraft is the only yt series keeping me sane rn

if anyone wants me to buy them something on animal jam lmk i have 2 much money...........

hey whoever sent money thank you so much if yall ever want a tarot reading just ask

i rlly dont want to beg but can someone shoot me some money so i can eat breakfast today even a dollar helps

meri!!! :lesbian_flag: boosted

-hard drive spin up noise

im answering tells rn you guys should send some! it would make me really happy :D

if you have your name as your @ you seep power

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