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i close my door and bunny suddenly wants in
she knows how to fucking open doors

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rabbits have the perfect shape for petting

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you ever just dont know how to react to something so you just :umm:

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time to catch all spinda variations

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coming to think of it my moms favorite pokemon is mr mime and my dads is mime jr

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imagine you step into a building and the first thing that happens is an adult man is thrown at you

i love bw bw2 so much too
its so dumb that people dislike it because of vanilite and trubbish

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my fav and first pokemon games were hg/ss its so good turning around and talking to them..

bewear is such a nice pokemon id let them hug me

i got a hacked shiny shaymin from wonder trade its just
?????????wWWW W?FWAFDWQ///?? WHAT DO YOU MEAN????

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