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I came from space, man! if you dont believe me... ummm ... die.

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its miss berries' space were just living on it

the fact that theres a collector out here somewhere that has a copy of a pokemon red/blue prototype makes me think about how many prototypes are out there but will never be shown to public because of the people who own them not wanting to

people who post things taken from bad websites such as reddit and tumblr on here are braver than any us marine. thank you for scavenging through all that shit just so you can find a funny image

"fingers in his ass sunday"...tired, old, retired. it is now, "thanos car wins piston cup sunday"

why are mechas so hard to draw like, its hard to make them not look like theyre made of cardboard

i just really like drawing frilly outfits. thanks touhou project. thanks zun

me when i make a new ocverse: how can i make an excuse for the fact that all the characters dress like weird dolls

day 406593460346 i still cant find my hxh shirt

since theyre not called retoots then what would be the mastodon equivalent to lrt? lb????????

looks at old art wow i really liked to draw Big Eyes

looking through old art and wow i really died halfway through making this. epic

im gonna give up on trying to 1cc ufo for now because its hard and im stoopid

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