Male giraffe weevils have long necks to fight and assist in nest building!

Elephant shrews are not true shrews, and in fact are closely related to elephants!

Tent-making bats create shelters out of leaves and huddle underneath them in small groups!

Remoras have disk-shaped organs on their heads they use as a suction cup, sticking themselves to larger animals such as sharks! Once attached to their host, they'll travel with them and eat scraps of their food.

Garden eels live in borrows in the sea floor and sway along with the current like seaweed!

Chiton can see using the hundreds of eyes on their shell!

The bloodybelly comb jelly has a bright red bioluminescence to conceal the bioluminescence of its prey and keep it hidden from predators!

The banded piglet squid has coloration that makes it look like it has a little smiley face!

I'm going to bed now but I'll leave you with this pic of a baby golden brushtail possum!

Sword billed hummingbirds have such long beaks that they have to groom themselves with their feet!

Fur seals are usually black, but are capable of having a rare blonde color phase!

North American porcupines have natural antibiotics in their skin which help prevent infection if they accidentally get stabbed with their own quills! It is also a common misconception that they throw their quills; instead, they contract the muscles of their skin when threatened, which causes the quills to stand up and out.

Japanese snow monkeys live in the coldest environment of any non-human primate!

Hispaniolan selenodons are venomous and diverged from other mammals 76 million years ago!

The pink-eyed goby has a see-through body and yellow organs!

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