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my laptop is shittier now too it corrupted one of my art files and still has a problem of it not saving my pics despite me not having much on my laptop at all

doodles from uh yesterday? saturday? i dont remember but here they are, an ink doodle that was a frustrated vent and a doodle of an error variant im designing

Joined an error ink rp server and this is my boi, Sai. ya know like paint tool sai haha

also his blaster has a name too, tis Choco! the gaster is basically like a giant puppy

im home from work n it was a good night, nothing eventful happened

i love the amount of gay emojis on this site

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that same person we believe too tried to steal cups from over the counter to get some soda and kept asking for free drinks or free food

a funny story from work yesterday: someone took the soap dispensers out both bathrooms

My roommate started a gofundme to help pay their medical bills, which have stacked up over the years. She cant work and we had recently moved, so our money is focused on bills, and paying back friends who helped us out. If anyone can help boost it, it would help a lot!

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i punched my art block in the face last night and drew a new oc

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i personally think those where underwhelming characters but im just happy i got some replies at all bc i normally dont on art ask/memes ;v;

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