i donot know how to do "the fortnite dance" but im ready to do 'the fortnite dance" because i decided to work on this project for my graphic design class that i had to copy files off the school computers for and i discovered that there's a half finished version just SITTING THERE :kirby_happy:

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*blows kiss into the air* for the bi women

ladies all my worrying about school was for nothing because i didnt see my chem teacher today and my psych teacher isn't even here. nobody is taking that test today. :expressionless:

i also realized when im in school and i freak out i like. forget i have things in my bag to comfort me. i forget to utilize them. so there's some of that stuff in there too.

today im bringing my purse to school because i want to bring my teddy bear (his name is steve i think ive posted pics of him actually) but there's no room in my backpack, i am terrified of losing him (hes like 12), and i know kids r dumb and might give me shit for being 19 with a stuffed animal

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I CANT tell if its like something on my hand or the trackpad itself. anyways ive never been happier to have a touchscreen laptop until now because i can still kinda function...... i think i should just give up and reboot

oh ya i should mention i made an alt @nya and i cant tell if that worked because my trackpad wont cooperate oh my god wh

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full offense but if you hate he/him lesbians and/or she/her gay men you need to like.... get over yourself

i hope that my um. my chem teacher just sends me and the other kid who goes downstairs to test straight downstairs in the morning and forgets to take out packet from us because i dont want to do my chemistry tonight baby!!!!!

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