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is your instance texting about sonic?

GTFO – gamma the friend, obviously
BRB – bring rouge back / big rights, babey !
STFU – silver the favorite underdog
JK – just knuckles
lmk - love my knuckles
SMH – sonic maurice hedgehog
lmao - love maria always, oath
idc - infinite doesnt cook
btw - big the winner
tfw - tails
omfg - oh, my friend gadget!
sos - sonic or/ogling shadow
wtf - wheres the fox? (tails)
asmr - amy starks-marie rose

( credit to @amy , @shadow and @arc :3)

ive been told i give off older cousin energies so take that as u will????

i love my berries family. if u need... a family, welcome! ur family now

i have accumulated many moms on berries/mastodon..... and all of them are wonderful i will do my best for them all

@genie and @gen are only two of my parents and they are alL AMAZING THANK U

food Show more

oh fuck. just remembered i love my friends and qpp. im better now! /genuine

how are yall doing today!

ah fuck i forgot i need to do oc stuff. ok see u guys later!!! take ur meds and eat and drink well!! i love u all

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