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is your instance texting about sonic?

GTFO – gamma the friend, obviously
BRB – bring rouge back / big rights, babey !
STFU – silver the favorite underdog
JK – just knuckles
lmk - love my knuckles
SMH – sonic maurice hedgehog
lmao - love maria always, oath
idc - infinite doesnt cook
btw - big the winner
tfw - tails
omfg - oh, my friend gadget!
sos - sonic or/ogling shadow
wtf - wheres the fox? (tails)
asmr - amy starks-marie rose

( credit to @amy , @shadow and @arc :3)

pls retoot my last toot... imi ndecisive and tired and i ened guigance

the class i have simply goes over a powerpoiint and homework questions....

the powerpoins are posedted online with video lectures adn dive already sent in my homeowrk............

i feel extremely grossy and gross today... should i even go???

retoot if u also have back and or joint problems at an age u Should Not Have These Problems

i forgot like 90% of the bots i know are independently hosted KDJFSDKF

gonna put the bots back up when i go to sleep tonight babey !

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@pchoooooo at first i was wondering: what's up with the order of levels in the dark story, and only then i figured out you placed them based on what hero levels shared assets with them...

spotify stop giving me fucking army ads i just want to listen to a ghosts pumpkin soup

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this just in i cant get any more A ranks i have 69 A ranks and im immature


knuckles deserves respect because he is trying his best. send toot

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