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i got bored so i made this, ask me questions if you’d like :3

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my lovely followers: if you have any triggers that you would like me to know so I can cw it, please tell me !! please don’t be afraid and insecure, every trigger is valid :,))

me: (finds a hot guy on social media) :o
me: (finds out he’s trans) !!!!!!!!!!
me: (finds out he’s pre-t)
me: okay now I’m jealous >:((

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feeling like the anti-immigrant platform that will unite the left, the right & the center is...

the anti-Canada Geese Platform

:lazer_M: ake

:lazer_A: merica

:lazer_C: anada

:lazer_G: eese

:lazer_F: ree

:lazer_A: gain

im afraid to go to the beach because one time I absentmindedly said 'stinky sea king' in the general direction of the ocean, and i know lord poseidon hasn't forgotten, thanks

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You guys better accept I can swear!! Watch this!!






I have no school tomorrow 😎 I can go to the laundromat lol

Seems as though making a post about milk or being gay gets the most attention. As such I am now a milk gay

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