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hey folks heres a psa: if smth i say legitimately bothers or upsets you??? pls let me fuckin know bc??? i cant read your mind or basically any social cues so just like??? tell me flat out!! pls!!

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❌ transmeds and other cis bootlickers dni ❌

hm have a feeling that my american govt teacher plays favorites

need to watch some fuckin.......... moomin..

every morning the seagulls come up to campus from the lake in droves.....theyre here to learn

reminder for m’enbies that you’re allowed to reclaim any trait you have, physical or emotional and say: shut up that’s not a Manly or a Womanly thing it’s just A Thing. because 100% of the time you’ll be correct

me: can i please—

berries: *error 500* *error 500* *error 500*

Nintendo, put portal on the switch, make it Labo comparable, do it you cowards!

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why the hell is there this weird gap between my notifs?? it shows up from tjme to time and idk why
is it just a good ol fashioned glitch

😳 what if i trapped you in my vape pen 🙈
😍 (and we’re both boys) 😜

i love spiral staircases aesthetically but as someone with a fear of heights they are (along with metal stairs and any other 'floating' stairs) the bane of my existence when it comes to stairs
maybe if they werent 'floating' i could Cope™ but they are so

oh fuck im crying over the new snapcube sonic dub?? this is the height of comedy

i havent played jackbox in an eternity,,,,,,,, im dyin,,,

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