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as per usual: don't follow if you're aphobic/an ace exclusionist. everything else seems to be covered by the server policy

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oh yeah! if you want to see historical films with black people, BY black people, Netflix has "Pioneers of African-American Cinema", a collection of films from 1910s-1940s made by and for black people

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people really do be walking, standing, sitting, etc.

Never will i forget when my mom said i was a close-minded person bc my friend group did not include nazis or a person whose entire family had been murdered in cold blood. truly. what a standard centrists have

some of us have confidence, but will we ever have the confidence of a cis white dude who reads the top posts on various subreddits verbatim in monetised youtube videos as if the mere relaying of the content is a talent and not a near perfect example of how little they have to try in this world to be respected, not to mention how willing they are to claim something that isn't theirs to claim? you know, i really dont know

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nobodys allowed to kill me but my own incompetence

imagine thinking that human life is the pinnacle of conscious existence, smh

Hey can we not misgender people just cause we don't like them?

Person is problematic? Person is a shithead? Person hurt someone? /Don't misgender them/

By doing so you're saying trans/GNC people are only the gender identity we know we are when we behave perfectly for others.

@scarlettablack funny you mention that, I was just reading this article about the history of that song and rickrolling

nobody rickrolls anymore. I had to literally search for never gonna give you up to enjoy rick astley’s classic hit. for shame.

Sorry for being anarchist on main but fuck the rich

Same with every other billionaire buffoon. An actual “smart” person would move society forward by not exploiting others and helping his fellow man. Hoarding your wealth like a gremlin raccoon upon its shiny stash isn’t exactly “bright”

There's an alternative to Reddit on the Fediverse, it's called Prismo.

The first instance is here, and is open for sign-ups:

The project's Mastodon account is here:


Federation is still being worked on, but you can already follow Prismo users and comment on their posts from elsewhere on the Fediverse.

For example, here's the lead developer's Prismo account:


#Prismo #Reddit

I made a pixel art... i was looking at how to make shoot em up games with unity and realized i dont have any pixel art to make sprite sheets out of, and since i have minimal experience with pixel art i decided to just do some freeform practice and landed on this. sorta based on a few PSO monsters.

#pixelart #krita #mastoart

If i ever toot anything coherent or grammatically correct, that aint me

Wow i really don’t toot anything without a glaring typo huh

when u attempt draw something and it's like... not as bad as you thought

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