why is it that every hardcore apocalypse prepper takes survival notes from Lord of the Flies instead of like learning how to cook and sew

apocalypse prepper: there's no civility in the face of catastrophe! every man for himself! stockpile as many weapons as possible and hoard your resources!

also: abandoned walmarts will have infinite clothes and canned foods for me because otherwise i'd have to do a woman's work

@scarlettablack It's even worse than that. Scenarios that look beyond the capacity of abandoned supermarkets hit a whole supply chain problem. You don't just run out of clothes; there isn't unlimited fabric to sew together either. Any food that can't be foraged has to be grown, reared or hunted. And so on.

@scarlettablack "I got all these guns so I can hunt for food"
"and what do you plan to cook with the meat?"
"gonna roast it on a fire"
"oh good, so you'll be dead of scurvy in about six months, and someone with some actually useful skills can take your guns"

@Eldritch_Horrorgirl “it’s the end of civilization! Society has crumbled. But like walmart has an infinite number of shirts and canned goods for me”

@scarlettablack "cheap cotton clothing from department stores lasts forever, right?"

Also humans are literally an animal that survives through social systems. No totalitarian self-interest brosef is surviving by his lonesome through violence towards anyone outside of his possession.

@loptr_punk @scarlettablack my theory is that they're all actually some sort of communist or social anarchist at heart because they can't stop making youtube videos and sharing their information with me.

@scarlettablack i learned how to sew by majoring in theatrical costume in college so come find me in the apocalypse for outfits that function and look good.

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