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to the person who mentioned the life of mastodonians is vagrancy, i owe you a drink

this bus just went initial d all the way to the next intersection

i live in a city????????

hi sorry i think freida pinto looks like a super on point faceclaim for nadia satrinava

ill never get like. people who get kin memories or like wild shit or whatever the hell its call but i support those funky little dudes

sometimes kinning is just intensely relating to a character and not all that past lives stuff or whatever

got a gay mickey mouse pencil case today. it goes with my bag

Hey Berries! It's with great pleasure we'd like to announce that Sebastian @demonicnoble has joined our moderation team! :berry:

please just make something like spore's creature creator again you don't even need to make the rest of the evolving game just give me a creature maker and a farm to watch them all run around in. Thats all I want.

on tumblr, people don't follow you for u or ur content 99% of the time. they follow you for the mishmash of content that ur regurgitating . same thing happens on twitter. but i havent seen the same thing happen on masto at all

look i just want to get my homework done. i really do. oh my god. just get it. done. Show more

why be mad at something when you can just be mad?

that's me, everyday, mostly due to stress tbh

i think it's just bcus local TL is like a big group chat but without any of the pressure.. its the perfect environment for Friendship

tumblr was like. try my hardest to make a funny post and get maybe 3 notes. here i post whatever my brain thinks and it pops off

drama? more like llama! haha, animals that bring you storage in minecraft!

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