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hello my name is SNAPS and this is my :-)

im 18 and im TRANS (she/her) (birthday is nov 7th)

i love a ton of things like , , , and probably too many other things

i also like to post my art, probably under the art tag, i draw digitally mostly but occasionally ill post pencil sketches

hopefully ill get to make new friends here! thank you for reading :D

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dang cant upload video on my mastodon app

y'all....... puyo puyo champions 😳

doge image but it says "okay

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if you like cops then hatsune miku herself will send your fuddy duddy ass to the shadow realm

lmao they must've been on drugs when they made this *thinking about myself*

im glad y'all are enjoying my toots, im lesbian

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it doesnt matter if there are good cops because they are all a part of a racist, violent, corrupt institution and therefore are party to all the cops that are bastards except the few that quit and blow the whistle on others and since they quit, they arent cops

so sorry but by default but all cops are in fact bastards

anyone who thinks otherwise:

i fucking WILL wear lipstick one day and absolutely nothing can stop me

*using my talons* heres *tap tap* the motherfucking *tap tap* T! *injects those who want it with testosterone through my talons*

im gonna fucking do it im gonna wear a fucking dress fuck off

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