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we: live in a society, have to worry about the economy, employment, capitalism, institutionalised prejudices

swimming sea slugs:

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new four temperaments:
- medieval suit of armour
- early diving suit
- spaceman suit
- hazmat radiation suit

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thread time here's another 2 clips of spongebob tell me again that he isn't gay (sorry for poor audio quality)

he sounded american and his voice was just crunchy enough to sound like a surfer... like.... Can that be me please?

he was telling me about how he gets hired for venues just to blow bubbles but in his time off if it’s windy enough he comes to the park to enjoy them himself and it was so sweet.... i want that to be my job

since i got to leave college early i got to see the bubbleman in the park today!! his names richard and he hand makes his bubble wands and the bubbles are SO HUGE

current failure levels are 81%

(81%) β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β–‘β–‘

i like liking moomin because all the adults i bring it up to are like β€œOH!! I USED TO LOVE THAT MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER WAS X” and it’s fun

oh they're everywhere. especially if you're green and have six tentacles.

i... had no idea β€œeffeminate” was derogatory

i never used it and i never see others use it but it’s just like Huh! Wack

still not over how much of a bop ween’s Exactly Where I’m At is....

mucus levels are currently at 91% but fluctuating wildly

(91%) β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β–‘

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